Poof! Rooster just gone. Fox.

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    This is kind of a long story...

    About a week and a half ago we lost one of our hens. We found her back in the woods with no head. There was a heavy trail of feathers all the way from the chicken tractor to where we found her.

    Our tractor is solidly built, but the doors open out and the latches we had on them were just simple hooks. So when the chickens were afraid they could throw themselves at the doors and open them.

    I moved the tractor around to the other side of the house and started zip-tie-ing the doors shut every night.

    I thought it was probably a raccoon, since we found her with no head.

    We also had this really huge, evil rooster. He kept attacking me and my husband and anyone else who came in the yard. We tried rehabilitation, but nothing was working.

    Saturday I woke up around 5:30 am to the chickens freaking out. But since I had the doors secured they couldn't get out. I look out the window and there's a red fox about five feet from the door to the tractor, looking like it was expecting them to push the door open. I ran outside and it was gone, no doubt from hearing me coming.

    Yesterday the rooster really mauled my husband. He jumped halfway up his back and left a huge gash on his leg. Then my husband sprained his foot from chasing the rooster around while wearing flip flops. We had pretty much decided he needed to be put down.

    But I waffled and we decided instead to leave him outside the coop for the night so he could use his ridiculous aggression to fight off the fox if it came back.

    Well, this morning, around 6 am, there's the terrible chicken freaking out noise again, I look out the window and there goes the rooster, being chased by the fox. I run to the other side of the house and my husband whistles. The fox runs into the woods. The rooster is standing in the yard.

    I run to use the bathroom (3 minutes, tops). Go outside. No rooster. He's just gone. There's a few feathers in the front yard, but nothing like what we saw when we lost the hen.

    I've looked all over our woods. No body.

    Can a fox drag a rooster off that fast? This rooster was big, I think he was a white rock. At least 15 pounds.

    Here's his picture:

    Now, on the one hand, I'm thinking, well, at least we don't have to shoot him. But on the other hand, I hate not knowing exactly what happened to him, and I feel terrible that he was killed by a predator instead of instantly.

    And I'm worried about my other chickens--I have two hens left and three seven-week old chicks. I also have four seven-week old ducklings. They haven't been bothered so far. I have them in simple pens covered with hardware cloth.

    My husband's loading his rifle right now. So maybe he can take care of this predator.

    We'd been lucky. We've had chickens almost two years and this is the first time we've lost any to a predator.
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    Wow, that's a massive rooster! I can't imagine a fox dragging him away that quickly, but I guess it could happen. Sorry! Hope your other birdies will be okay![​IMG]

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