Pooh & Tigger wall shelf...auction ended, no bidders

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    I'm going to give this auction thing a try. My son really wants his room decorated in the "Cars" theme, so I'm going to auction off items that are currently part of his decor to earn money for the makeover. I have multiple items, so when one auction ends, another will begin. Each auction will have a reserve, and since I do have my own shipping scales, you will only pay actual shipping cost to your zip.

    For this first auction, I have a Pooh and Tigger wall shelf. It is in excellent/like new condition. It's quite big at 38" wide, 17" tall, and 7" deep. It weighs 8lbs. 15oz., so please keep that in mind in regards to shipping cost. I will ship your choice of Priority Mail or UPS Ground, and insurance is optional but highly recommended. Reserve for this shelf is $10, and the auction will end on Sunday at 10pm.


    ETA the figurines in the pic are not included in the auction.
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    That is so cute [​IMG] To bad my kids are growing up fast [​IMG]

    Sure hope you sell them
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    Yes, they do grow up way too fast don't they. I've got lots of other cute stuff to auction after this, and I really hope I can sell it all. [​IMG] Otherwise, my son might have to keep Tigger and Pooh for another year. [​IMG]
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    I just edited the title to say 3 day auction instead of 2 day...I was waaaayyyyy too tired when I posted this last night [​IMG] . Also, if the same person ends up winning more than one of my auctions, then obviously I will combine items for shipping. [​IMG]
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    I would totally buy that for me.. But then I might get crazy looks. [​IMG]

    But... in my observation.. the hand placement defies physical limitations... Maybe it's just me. [​IMG]
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