POOP boards 101. Teach me.


Nov 4, 2017
I don't have poop boards and I have decided it may be worth the effort to install.

I see all types, -some with a lip that have sand on them, to scoop out poop.
Some that are lined with paper.These are the two I am really interested in hearing more about. I'm not so interested in scraping poop.

If I use the paper method- we have a big wood boiler so I'd rip it off weekly and burn in there or dump in compost. I'd build something to fit a roll of cheap dollar store craft paper of some sort. The sand method I would use a cat litter scooper and dump into compost. We have tons of sand around here.

I have 2 coops, and 4 breeding pens. I would like the boards up so that the hens can stop walking through their poop (under the roosts) . When I cover with straw, they spend even more time in those spots, kicking and pecking... winter is coming and I'd like to use the space under the roosts to hang water/food..or for a good dust bathing spot if it is too low for water/food.

Do you have poop boards??? What kind/method do you use??? Can you post photos?? What are things you like/hate about them? How low below the roost should I make them? Do the hens just walk around on them?? Any advice is very welcome..before I build I would like to have a real plan.


Aug 11, 2020
Hi! I’m a total newbie to poop boards. Mine have been in action for two days so I can’t speak from long time experience but I decided to go with sweet pdz (as opposed to sand) and the scooping is so easy and there’s no smell. Just my 2 cents...


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Jul 23, 2018
NY Southern Tier
My Coop
In use.

After cleaning.

I used to use a mix of sand/Sweet PDZ but have switched to all PDZ.
I scoop with a metal cat litter scoop every morning and dump in a cat litter bucket that gets emptied into my compost bin when full. When poop freezes to the boards in the really cold weather I use an old hammer and painters tool to chisel it loose then scoop.
My BIL who had never been around my flock before kept commenting with a somewhat amazed tone at how my coop didn't smell.


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May 24, 2020
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@DobieLover is dead on.

We also have a poop board that has vinyl flooring on it with a roosting bar that it butts up against. When we clean this one, we pull the 7 foot board out and scrap it off with the cat litter scoop into a bucket for the mulch pile. I messed up the measurements when I built the coop poop board door, so this was the easiest thing to do, otherwise it would have been like @DobieLover, only a pull out poop board with edging and the roost bar over it.

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Aug 7, 2020
Belding, MI
I have sweet PDZ as well. One thing I really like about it is how it dries the poop out. I clean every day, using a cat litter scoop. If there's a cecal poop, I dust some pdz over it, and it's easier to scoop. And nope, no smell.


Mar 30, 2020
We use the sweet pdz as well. We have the long narrow plastic bins (on top of a basic wood shelf under the roosts) with a thin layer of it in each one.

Works well. Bedding lasts longer and cleanup is easy. Scoop and/or dump, replace sweet pdz, done. I do have poop boards covered in cheap vinyl flooring and the sweet pdz in one coop and it's harder to scrape clean sometimes but still easy enough.

I dont regret the extra installation time in any of our coops. It saves a lot of cleaning time, both by making routine cleaning quicker and spreading deep cleans/bedding changes out.


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Nov 27, 2012
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Jammy Dodger

Jul 30, 2017
1 and 1/4 in. lip to keep mixture of A.P. Sand { home depot concrete section } Sweet PDZ , and Food Grade Diotomatius Earth in poop tray . Fill up about 1 in. Droppings will mostly clump up and you scoop them up with a kitty litter plastic scoop We have used this set up for 3 years now with great results .

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