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    Apr 23, 2014
    Been reading a lot about poop boards recently - had no idea they existed but certainly understand the reasoning. I definitely want to get this going when the weather warms up a tad (it's -1 right now). I have a huge garden that I can use to recycle the poop on.

    For those of you who have poop boards, what type of material do you find works best?

    Also, can somebody explain what PDZ is to this novice chicken keeper?

    Thanks always.

    Chicken Girl 64
  2. aldarita

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    Aug 2, 2012
    Brenham TX
    Sweet PDZ is zeolite (a mineral) and it is very safe, I started using it over 2 years ago and I am very pleased with it. It is all natural, non toxic, absorbs moisture, neutralizes ammonia and odors. I use a reptile scooper and clean my poop boxes every day making the job very easy. Every now and then I add some more to the boxes and it keeps me going for a long while. My hens eat some of it when they go to roost (it works like grit and it is safe) you can also throw the dirty one to the compost pile with no problem. I use the granular version (never tried the powder).

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    Aug 1, 2014
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    Definitely use the granular PDZ for poop boards, coop floor. While the zeolite was originally marketed (still is) under the brand name Sweet PDZ, there is no added fragrance which might be harmful to the birds. It's just zeolite.

    We only have eight hens and a 6x8 coop. We mix sand and PDZ for the entire coop floor and put pine shavings in the nesting boxes. Our coop is a breeze to clean with a telescoping rake and a cat litter scoop. We also use a sand PDZ mix in the run. I've got a long handled litter scoop that makes cleaning the run easy as well. The girls love following me and my rake around the run when I'm cleaning.
  4. leanna1120

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    Sep 18, 2014
    I also use Sweet PDZ on the poop board and a combination of sand and Sweet PDZ on the floor of the coop. It makes a huge difference in smell and...as the others have mentioned is really easy to clean with a scoop. I also really like that there is far less material to compost then if I used wood shavings, hay, or straw because you're literally sifting out just the poop. I live in Wisconsin and it's super cold here right now. I was a little bit worried about using Sweet PDZ /sand during the winter because I've read it can get cold, but I haven't had any problem with it at all and it's -9 here right now.
  5. I wouldn't use it. See the material safety data sheet. If it was on a poop board and they do not peck around on it or walk on it and the coop is well ventilated then maybe it would not be a problem. There are lots of natural products you can use.

  6. Happy Dad

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    Jul 10, 2012
    Eastern Nebraska
    I am currently using Dairy White Barnlime that I found at Bomgaars, it is $6 for 50 lbs. I'm sure you could find it at any Tractor Supply or other store that speciliazes in ag products or a feed store.

    Here is a link for info I just found with a quick google search.


    I'm thinking of switching to ag lime (I can get it free) in the spring when I go from just a poop board to covering the entire coop.
    But at $6 for 50lbs I may just stay with the barnlime in the conveient bags as the ag lime I'd have to transport in buckets.
  7. terrilee

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    I looked up the Material Data on this product and no hazardous. Thank you for this information Happy Dad. [​IMG]
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    Dec 31, 2013
    Chase,BC Canada
    In Canada, I can't find the product Sweet PDZ - what most people use here is called Stall Dry. I think it's similar to the PDZ - tried it yesterday and I'm thrilled with it! I was using DE but it is so dusty and there are so many warnings about using it with the chickens. So far the Stall Dry works like a dream - easy to clean, dries out the feces, no smell - it's non-toxic and safe for poultry and other animals as well.

    Here is a link. http://www.absorbentproductsltd.com/stall-dry-deodorization-and-ammonia-control.html
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    Feb 6, 2014
    Eagle, Idaho
    I have been using the Stall Dry. I have been pleased with the results and it is cheaper than the PDZ. I use a litter box scooper to sift out the droppings everyday and dump them into a bucket before adding the waste to the compost pile. I usually just add some more Stall Dry to the poop board as needed, but will completely change it out every 3 months or so.
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  10. tcstoehr

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    Mar 25, 2014
    Canby, Oregon
    I looked at that sheet and it seems intended for people working within a PDZ manufacturing or processing operation, and inhaling airborne silica for extended periods. I wouldn't think chickens would face any risk unless they were scratching and/or bathing in it for hours a day. My chickens don't touch the stuff, they just sleep on a roost above it. But if they did start dust-bathing in it, I would give it further consideration.

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