poop diagnosis?


8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
north central KY
13 week old speckled Sussex. Green water for droppings for a week. No other symptoms. 3 days ago suspected sour crop, but after food witheld for 12 hours in confinement with oil, grit and water crop was empty. Tail up, eyes clear no discharge from eyes nose or mouth. I'm baffled and need help. This is a sample pic of a fresh pile. More consistency to this one than this morning Auchan was mostly clear water with some green ooze in it.

The weather has been damp over night, super humid during the day and very very hit.
I think it is just from it being humid and hot--just add some Save a Chick or sugar to the water for a few days and see if that helps...
I have vit/electrolytes in their water and every other day. Temp dropped for a few days and went back into the nineties past 3 days. She is the only one like that out of 8.

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