Poop on the porch

chicky baby

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6 Years
Mar 17, 2013
Allegany Ny
I free range my chickens. They are my most entertaining yard ornaments. I have one huge problem. I can't keep them off my porch! I'm hosing it off constantly! Any ideas how to keep them away? Will one of those owl pest control things work?
I fenced off my porch with chicken wire, two rows high thinking they would stay off. They flew up and over. I felt like I was in prison, all that was missing was razor wire on top. I still had poop! Lol.
I had the same problem! So I was ready to "train" them. I kept with the same "yell" and noises to shew them off but kept a hose or spray bottle nearby.. When they ventured on the porch I would spray and yell.. Took a good couple days.. Now when they do try to sneak on (which is rare) I make the same yell (sheew) without water and they immediately get off.
I shew them, even spray water, but I don't catch them every time so it's hit and miss. They have learned dont go on the porch when mon is out there. Little stinkers! There must be a better way to out smart a chicken!

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