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  1. I have a seemingly healthy BR, 14 weeks old, who has started having strange pudding consistency poop (orange or light brown) for all of her poop over the last two days. Two nights ago, I found on the poop board what looked like tomato skin in the poop. She's only been eating crumble, yogurt, ACV in the water, scratch and BOSS. Because of heavy rain (and because one of my other chickens ate a screw), my girls are not free ranging right now.

    I wormed her with Wazine 2 weeks ago and gave a 2nd dose yesterday. What do you experts think? Should I also treat for Cocci or anything else? Should I take her to the avian vet? I've not noticed anything else wrong with her. No sign of respiratory, feathers look good, no signs of mites or lice.

    This is my first flock and I've had terrible luck. 2 of the 5 ended up being roosters. 1 ate a screw. I'd like to keep this girl healthy.

    All advice much appreciated!
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    what happened to the one that ate the screw?

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  4. Mary - She was put to sleep. [​IMG] We couldn't afford all the medical costs associated with getting the screw out and it was slowly killing her.

    Chickensioux - Thanks for the link.

    I don't seem to have much luck with poop pictures. The ones on this link look more like what she's got (http://happyhenhouse.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=poop&action=display&thread=7588). The 2nd and 3rd on the #3 reply look very similar to hers but she's not eating a lot of greens which has me stumped.

    The "tomato skin" thing maybe could be cocci from the photos. It's so hard to tell.


  5. Here's a photo of the poop - for what its worth. This is pretty standard for what it has looked like the last two or three days for her.


    Should I give vitamins? ACV? Treat for cocci? If the last, I just gave 2nd dose of Wazine yesterday, do I need to wait to give the Corid?

    Thank you in advance!!
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    I am new to chickens myself, but I've read that chickens can/will shed some of the lining of their intestines. You might google that, or do a search here on BYC to see if that's a possibility of what you might be seeing. Mine do "pudding poop" sometimes too, but generally it's firmer poop, so I don't worry too much about it.

  7. Thank you. So you don't think three days of this pudding poop/diarrhea is anything worry about? [​IMG]
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    Are you sure that she's ONLY doing the watery poop??? Could she be doing firmer poops that you're not noticing (because we tend to notice only the things that are wrong, not the things that are right)? I'm a worrier, but I would probably let it ride a few more days, to see whether it clears up. With one of my girls, I was getting a lot of that kind of poop, but almost black. But she was having some "regular" poop too, so I waited. I ran out and bought the wormer, but it cleared up before I used it. I still get an occasional messy one like that, but not often.
    Did they have worms when you used the Wazine, or was that simply preventative???

    ETA: Here's my opinion...if the she's eating, drinking, and behaving normally, I'd give it a few more days to see if the pudding poo tails off. If she seems to be "off" I'd consider cecal treatment... My male dog has had stomach issues before that lasted several days and then just dissappeared. People do too. He also got a nasty case of worms one time that made him sick (and he was acting sick, hangdoggish), and I wormed him. That's why I'm thinking you have to look at the chicken's behavior too, not just the poop. But you have to do what makes you feel safest with your birds. So good luck. I know I hate worrying about my animals!
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  9. Ok, I caught her doing a regular poop but I guess she's doing a fair amount of this too. Sometimes, it is a mixture.

    I did the Wazine (1st dose 14 days ago) because I have another chicken that I thought had worms. Turned out she swallowed a screw and that is why she was not thriving. I've not seen evidence of worms. Just like I said, this runny poop and the red stuff in the poop.

    Thank you!

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