Poop poop. Not peep peep!


Feb 27, 2018
East TN
Ok my fellow duck loving peeps....

Does it get worse before it gets better? I'm going nuts. :barnie

I will put a pic of my 5 babies at the bottom. 3 weeks or 3.5 weeks, don't know exactly. Getting more white and losing their yellow.

I'm going crazy. Poop everywhere. My life revolves around poop and cleaning!:th

Duckzilla (the biggest) is still kinda not walking good. I've been doing brewers yeast. Can walk and swim fine, prefers to sit more than the others/not as active. That worries me.

They all got the runs 3 days ago, which doesn't make sense cause they are inside only. Lewis Labs is the brewers yeast I got. 1 tablespoon per cup of food. ??? Can that cause runs??

I got probiotics and electrolytes for water and that has helped some. Still on Dumour unmedicated chick starter, some meal worm treats, peas now and then, and grit.

They have outgrown their brooder ...xxl rubbermaid tote. But it's too cold for outside? So I've been doing play time 2x a day letting them out in the bathroom or in the tub.

I've been cleaning the brooder 3x a day. When I work they are in an utter MESS when I come home. So much that they have to go into the tub for a bath/swim.

I use puppy pads because they ate the wood shavings:rolleyes: and the wood also stunk up the house.

Is this age duclkings frustrating for anyone else? :confused:I'm assuming it will be better when they can go outside.

My master bath smells like a barn. My husband is about to kill me. :sick:sick:sick


When can they go outsideeee?? I have a heat lamp I could use. Ok...pity party over. At least they ARE cute.

See? Too big for their brooder!!



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Apr 2, 2017
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When our silver Appleyards outgrew their brooder, we moved them to a plastic kiddie pool (no water) with shavings and a chickenwire fence.

That worked well until we could move them outside permanently. Angus, one of our drakes, was "biggest duckling," and he spent most of his time sitting. He's get up and eat and then go back by his Brinsea EcoGlow and nap off his meal while everyone else was running around. He grew up just fine, and is now a very active and handsome drake! :)


I'm not suggesting that you should not be worried, but I'm just sharing that we were worried about Angus, and apparently he just needed to rest up for all that growing. ;-)

Poop? What poop? ;-)

Just kidding. We were pretty ready to transition them out of the house and to their run from both a poop and noise point-of-view. I think they were equally ready. Poop management is a major thing with ducks, but we think they're more than worth it! Good luck and keep us posted. Your guys look super sweet.


Feb 27, 2018
East TN
I'm buying one today at TSC. One I can use a heat lamp with. The overnight has been in 30s. Was warm last week! Like 70s. This week it's like 50s in daytime and 30s at night. Maybe at least it will be warm soon.
Do you have a duck house for them?
What are your overnight lows?

Not much longer.......it does get easier.


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Aug 1, 2015
I would move them out now. Ducklings are much better in cold weather than chicks. Keep an eye on them, and maybe use a heat lamp at night? Raising ducklings on grass in an open bottomed cage that you can move daily is as easy as it gets.

I've been there done that last spring with 9 little webbies. It only gets worse from here until they're adults. :barnie
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