Poop Scratchin' Chickens and medicated calves....

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Heya all, I think this goes here, if not, then Mods - feel free to move it....

My calves are passing around the Pink Eye (PE season is almost over, thank goodness) but they are on medications for it, and my chickens free range and scratch in the calf (and donkey, but no meds there) poo.

Does anyone know how much of the aureomycin will pass to the chickens if they ingest some undigested grain out of the poo (and/or, the poo itself

The calves won't be on this forever, and the chickens have been wormed recently, anyway, so we won't be eating the eggs for awhile.
I was just wondering how much meds they might get off of the poo snatching.

If anyone knows, I'm sure that others might be wondering too (or if not, maybe they are now that they've read this

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