Poop sticking, but not pasty?


5 Years
Apr 16, 2014
DFW Texas
One of my cochin chicks keeps getting poop stuck to her bumfluff! She is admittably the very fluffiest of all 4. It does not cover the cloaca and is actually far down enough that first day I was worried about accidentally tugging her umbilical cord while trying to clean it off! We're on day 3, her cord is gone, and every few hours I see she has a lil dot of poo stuck. She has probiotics in her water and I am monitoring both surface and ambient temperatures in the brooder, so it is not too hot. She is on pine on top of puppy pads, I pick out poops every half hour and changing it each day. She drinks and eats regularly. I didn't know to give them water without food first, and that was a couple of days ago. I have been I have tried trimming her fuzz gently, and that worked for most of yesterday, but they change so fast! Today it doesn't seem to be helping at all.

Is a bitty bit of poop normal and not as terrifying as pasty on the fluffybutt chicks? Should I remove the food for a bit so she only has water, then re-add her food, sort of like a reset? As well, would oiling up that far down be safe?


8 Years
Oct 9, 2013
South Western Death Valley, Ca.
Always have feed and clean water for the chicks and it
sounds like you are doing everything correctly but do
keep an eye on her and if need be clean her bottom up

Good job

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