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    JennsPeeps said:

    There are a couple different types of chicken poo:

    1. normal/typical - it's firm, brown with white urea (bird "pee") on it, and looks like it was excreted through a round nozzle

    2. cecal - stinky, stinky, stinky! This is runny and you will know it when you see it. OMG it stinks. It comes from a loop in their intestines. Did I mention it smells bad? It's normal, too. Happens roughly every 5-6 poops.

    3. bright green - indicates bird is not eating enough and dropping is green due to bile not being sufficiently diluted by excrement

    4. diarhea - different from cecal because of frequency

    5. bloody - indicates serious problem, potentially cocci

    6. watery - indication of too many treats with high moisture content. My girls get this when they eat too many grapes.

    When I got my pullets home they were having tan/green loose wet poop with white caps, solid but very very wet.

    They have been here 4 weeks now and they have changed, this past week they have become like the normal/typical described above.

    I remember seeing a photo post of what different "normal" poop looked like.

    The change worried me and I looked for that post but couldnt find it.
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    I like this poop chart

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