pooped pure water!


8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
north central KY
13 week old ss, hunched and ruffled as of one hour ago. Seemed tired and listless today. Pooped pure water. In hospital pen now with acv water, starter, and scrambled egg. Crop has liquid only in it. Temps here 80 degrees today 100 yesterday.

Please mote I have her on white towels to see anything in her droppings. This pile is water with a few black squiggles in it.

Please help, ideas?
After physical exam: she is very thin. With a flashlight looked down her throat, nothing there. Feathers clean shiny.

After some hand fed egg she has a bit more energy, but poop is still a puddle of water (puddle measures about 2 inches) with black devalued matter in it.

Nickie~ She might have a bit of heat exhaustion and IMO I would try giving her some electrolytes. It also seems as though she isn't eating enough so I would keep doing what you're doing with giving her the scrambled egg, try some yogurt, too.

Hopefully others will come along to give you some ideas. Best of luck to you and your little one
Thanks for a reply, they get electrolytes every day that the temp is over 90 and today too since it was stupid hot yesterday. I don't have any yogurt, so I went acv in her water for the sick pen, having read on many occasions it was good for their gut. Only time will tall, right now no other symptoms outside of her poo and her weight.

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