Pooping Egg Whites And Yolks


May 13, 2021
We just noticed that one of our hens just sitting under the coop all day. She had a sick look to her and wasn't eating. When I went to check on her today she wasn't doing much better... I did notice that when she pooped egg whites and a broken yolk came out. What is wrong with her? Help!
It sounds like she had a soft shelled egg and the membrane broke.
Can you separate her, provide water and food.
Give her calcium. 1 Caltrate or 1 TUMS. The calcium can help if the membrane is still inside the vent. Sometimes those are hard to expel.

I would also get her on an antibiotic. Sometimes Amoxicillin can be found at TSC. Look for fish antibiotics. Dose is 57mg per pound of weight given orally twice a day for 10 days.
The yolk and egg white loose like that can make them feel very bad and infection can set in as well if it was leaked into the oviduct.

Work on hydrating her and keep her comfortable if you can.

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