"pooping" egg yolk??

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    I have 5 two year old hens - 2 RIRs and 3 BSLs. I am pretty sure at this point the 2 RIRs are the only ones laying - at least in the nesting boxes. I found one broody BSL with 11 eggs under her, and another BSL cuddled up with her... not sure if one or both were broody at that point. I have also watched one come and go in the cow pasture so I am wondering if she is laying out there somewhere. No idea. Anyway, I went out one day last week and it looked like one of them (no idea which one) had pooped egg yolk. It was the same bright yellow/orange underneath their roosting area. I have heard that sometimes hens can have shell-less eggs - could that be it? Or something else? Not sure if there was a white with it since it was pretty much dry by that point (streaked down a slope, not on a flat surface).
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    Quote:Yes, I could be a few things. A shellless egg, egg eating, or maybe an egg broke inside her. If there are no other signs; I'd go with the first option.

    Imp- Good luck
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    It may have broken an egg. This happened to me and ive seen it. My hen, Bubbles was walking slowly towards us as if something bothered her, suddenly i saw her poo egg yolk. at first i thought it was cecal poo but then when i looked closer it was indeed egg yolk. I looked at her bottom and the soft egg shell was still stuck in her butt. i gently removed it and cleaned away the egg. It helped me clean by eating the shell! Good chicken. [​IMG]

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