pooping from where her tail should be


9 Years
Feb 25, 2010
Leesburg, Ohio
one of my new RIR that i got from a hatchery is pooping from a hole that is positioned where her tail should be, and she doesn't have a tail. she's acting fine, except that it looks like she has pasty butt all the time. when i took her in to clean her today, upon closer examination, i saw that she doesn't have a tail, but instead has a vent where the tail SHOULD be. also when i cleaned her today, a BUNCH of poop came out of the poor lil' thing in the sink. so i wonder if anyone has experienced this? and i wonder if she'll make it in the long run?
thats the first i've heard it, but i'm sure the porr little thing will be okay. She won't look the same as the others, but that'll make her special
Sounds like a spontaneous mutation of what makes Arucaunas rumpless. Not sure if they have pooping issues. I know manx cats who have both genes for tailless are frequently without a working sphincter so just dribbly poop all the time.
hmmm....could be the case with her. well, she came from a hatchery, so i would think they would be purebred. she waddles like a little penguin too. i mean she has absolutely no tail and the hole is right where the tail should be. i'll try to get hubby to get a pic of her next time i wash her. and if she has no sphincter, i wonder how this will impede egg laying later on?
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GO to the auracana link int he breeds section and ask if the pooping issue is a problem with their rumpless. They can probably answer questions about her laying potential too.

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