pooping yolk?

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    I have a Ameracauna hen who hasn't laid an egg since she molted late last summer. I noticed what looks like egg yolk under the roost and around her vent the last few days. She's with two other hens, a austrolorp and a barred rock. They are all about 4 years old. The other two are laying normal eggs periodically. Any ideas as to what's going on?
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    I'm not a vet, and only an avian vet can diagnose what is wrong with your hen. I can only speculate from what you've posted.

    She may be internally laying. This is where yolks pass down from the oviduct but never form into an actual egg. A lot of the time, these yolks are absorbed into the hens body, but some times it leaks on down and out of the vent.

    The real problem comes when the yolks are not absorbed, but sit in the hens body, "cooking" from her internal heat. Eventually egg peritonitus sets in and the infection kills the hen.
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    I had an ameraucana with the same symptoms, I took her to an avian vet and was diagnosed with egg peritonitis, her abdomen was distended and the infection was set in. Once they start laying internally, there isn't very much you can do. If you can take her to the vet, she might still respond to a course of antibiotics but then she will continue to lay inside. I have had more egg peritonitis cases that I care for, unfortunately the end result is to euthanize the hen, specially if they are suffering. Take her to a vet to be diagnosed properly and then make a decision. I'm sorry you are having to go thru this, hopefully your hen has something else that is not so bad

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