poopy bottom and then hen died

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    Mar 30, 2014
    About 2 months ago a dog killed 3 of our hens and chased the other 5 around the yard.... There were no bite marks or blood on the 5 surviving hens, but they were all pretty shook up. The hens stopped laying for several weeks and a few of them took over a month to start laying. 2 of our Red Sexlinks (2 years old) have had poop on their tail feathers and have been off and on lethargic and not themselves. Anyways, one died last night. She was fine in the morning and in the afternoon she was very sleepy and staying very still. I brought her inside to try and keep a close eye on her. Her symptoms over the past few months:
    tail droopy Off and on
    sleeping more-Off and on
    poop on bottom- consistent
    Comb was less red- off and on
    Wings were droopy (just yesterday)
    She seemed dizzy (just yesterday)
    Breathing seemed fine
    appetite seemed fine until yesterday when she wouldnt eat or drink at all in the afternoon
    Checked for fleas and mites and couldn't see any
    Not egg bound
    curled up on the ground (off and on over the past few months, but never for more than an afternoon)

    Now, my other hen doesn't seem to have any of these symptoms except for the poopy bottom. She seemed a little sick a few weeks ago for a day where her comb was less red and she was lethargic, but she seemed to get better the next day and has not been like that again.

    We feed them organic egg layer food, lots of veggie scraps and they have a big area to peck and scratch during the day. I just (yesterday) added grit, oyster shells, the vitamin pellets and sometimes we put the probiotics in the water. What else should we be doing for them?

    These chickens are part of our family and losing 4 in the past 2 months has been really hard (especially on our 4 children) and we really want them to be healthy and live a long life.

    Side note: There are no vets in the area that know anything about chickens, we have taken our hens 2 times and they can never figure out what is going on with them, so we decided to just stop taking them, although I don't think anyone could have saved Peanut yesterday.

    Thanks for any ideas and maybe direction on something we should add to their diets.
  2. DreamsInPink

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    I'm hoping someone more experienced comes by to answer your question. I just wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss. :(
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    May 27, 2016
    Hi, I am fairly new to backyard chicks but have recently gotten 3 very friendly hens, 1 is a dark brahma and the other 2 are buff orpingtons and all came from same home. 1 of the orpingtons has not been eating or drinking for about 24 hours, she's not hanging out with the other 2 like she usually does all day long and she just sits on her perch all day and acts very sleepy. She also has a very poopy bottom and I tried to clean her up a bit today and do an overall check on her and she just seemed very lethargic. I think something is very wrong and I am worried she will not be alive tmrw morning.....I would also like to know if anyone has any insight that may be helpful :(
  4. Chloesmama

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    Mar 30, 2014
    Thank you Dreamsinpink. We are feeling sad and wondering what will happen next. Cheetah is not acting better today and she also now seems dizzy. Wondering what to do. These threads move so fast, hopefully someone can give some ideas
  5. DreamsInPink

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    I really do not know.... a poopy bottom is not a good sign for sure. How is she today? Does she have diarrhea?

    I'm very sorry. I was hoping someone would have posted by now. :(
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    How sad...
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    Aug 10, 2013
    Surprise, Arizona
    How can you be sure she wasn't egg bound? All the symptoms match. Plus a droopy tail seems to indicate egg bound...
  8. DreamsInPink

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    I just re read your original post and this jumped out at me. Was that day the first day they've had access to grit?

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