Poopy Butt and one lethargic

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    Hi there, It's overwhelming to try and find an answer on BYC when you are stressed over your first illness so I thought I would post. All mixed breeds just started laying and getting eggs every other day. Cozy coop at night , no heat, layer feed that I gradually mixed in over two weeks ago.

    Two of the six in this coop have poopy butt and acting fine. One is lethargic and by herself. What do I need to do? Its a blizzard here and I don't know if I can even get out to the store to get anything I might need!

    I also give them alfalfa every other day and BOSS every two or three days.
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    Could it be the alfalfa, what do you mean by poopy butt? Could trim the feathers a bit too. Do you use ACV? if not use it 1Tab. to 1 gallon of water. How about electrolytes? Yogurt is a good probiotic for tummies also butter milk.
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    The butts are not completely occluded, just around the butt and down the fluff a bit. Only two of the six have it. The one that is lethargic has no poopy and she was in a corner by herself, getting picked at a bit, lethargic, head into her neck, and miserable. I took her in gave her food and water and she has little interest. Have not gotten an egg in three days and she has been every other day until now. What are the signs of being egg bound? She is not straining and has been pooing a bit and each one is a diff texture and color. Nothing out of the ordinary however.

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    Very doubtfull on the alfalfa. That's actually a good winter greens treat for them. Either the baled version, or a couple horse cubes tossed into boiled water and removed from heat and left to expand.
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    I don't understand the poopy butt either but they are all acting ok. I do have one that I have determined has an impacted crop and I am giving her vegatable oil and she is is our office with water and vegetable broth. I tried massaging and turning her upside down and notheing yet. Does this take a few days to pass? I do realize I might lose her and it saddens me [​IMG]

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