poopy butt on a hen???


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8 Years
Feb 6, 2011
My year old Red sex-link had a fair amount of poop stuck to her feathers just below the vent. i washed the area with water and tried to free what was stuck to her feathers, and trimmed with scissors what the water couldn't remove. she doesn't seem to have any issues that i can see....eating well, drinking well, laying well, very active.....any suggestions or advice? Oh, and the other two girls aren't having poop issues at all. FYI. Thanks.
If the problem does not persist then she could have eaten something that screwed up her system for a short time. Stress can also cause temp problems.

Hi! Had to do that with my BR. Once I got it cleaned up, she didn't have any more trouble. I hope for the same for yours! It seemed like she must have had one poo get stuck and then the next poos just kinda added to the mass.
My leghorn hen always has that problem.No sickness in her,just a messy pooper.

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