Poopy Eggs

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    I have read several times that you shouldn't clean the eggs because of a protecting coating on the egg. My girls are getting a little sloppy & there is poop marks on the eggs & some look a little nasty. Should I clean them off if so what should I use? I have seen some wash stuff before at TSC is this ok?

  2. Judy

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    There are a number of approaches suggested here. Commercial eggs get washed by law, with some sort of germicidal solution. I will just tell you what I do.

    If not dirty, they go in the refrig unwashed. If poopy, I rinse under running warm water til clean, let air dry, then refrigerate. The water should be warmer than the egg, because that encourages bacteria to move outwards rather than inwards.
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    I have one hen who always, always poops on her egg. She is a distinctive layer, very round green eggs with brown speckles, so I know it's the same hen. Always with dried poo on the egg. I'm not normally an egg washer, but hers get washed. Warm water, and I just use a scrubbie or my hands to get it off. Wash everything well afterward, done. Don't spend $ on an egg wash, plain ol water and some dish soap do just fine.

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