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    Dec 16, 2011
    9 BO’s. 8 hens & one Rooster. Almost 9 months old.

    I have 2 roosting bars that are identical except for their height.

    8 BO roost on the highest bar and the remaining hen sleeps on the floor of the coop. Don’t know why, I asked but didn’t receive any comprehensible answer.

    One of the hens has a big wad of dried poop stuck to her hiney. My first thought was to cut away the feathers, then I read that there’s blood in the stems. Good way to cause and infection, I’m think.

    My next thought was I wonder if this is the hen that sleeps on the floor? Makes sense, poop doesn’t fall away like the ones on the roosting bar. So about a week ago I put a short piece of 4” x 4” on the floor of the coop. Floor hen might roost on the 4 x 4 and poop can fall away from the hen?!

    I check last night for poopy hiney and couldn’t find any that matched the description! So either the 4 x 4 worked or…..
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    Sep 16, 2012
    Hesperia CA
    She may be bottom of the pecking order....as for the dried poop you can always wet it with warm water to remove it but if it is cold out make sure you blow dry her before putting her out. I have become the top hen in my coop I have two that (actually 3) that mount the others and one has decided that she would rather sleep on top of the coop. I go out each night and put her in with the rest and if anyone gives her grief I use 2 fingers like a beak and peck the offending hen back. Now I just put her inside and wait there till they all nestled down to sleep. If I do not do this they keep her from the roost. going to get another roo in hopes of stopping the mounting problem.
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