Poor Chickens bum... lump hanging out and dribbling poo/fluid

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    May 21, 2012
    Hello all
    I am new to this but have had a problem with my chicken. she is a light sussex one year old. I have read many of your posts but although been helpful they dont seem to match!
    It first of all started with a dirty bum! which all poo collecting on her bottom but I have seen this before and it has cleared but so I left it.
    But now.... all her feathers have come away I had to cut her feathers of what was left away and wash her bottom to get a better look.
    It smelt terrible.. bless her.... she has a lump about a inch around hanging out of her bottom, which from the center of her bottom when i washed it you could see liquid whitish, poo in colour drippling out of the center of the lump. now it looks very sore as I am sure it is annoying her. now a orange colour has come out when she was in the laying box.
    She has still produced eggs and still eating and drinking but i think this has slowed down.
    I dont know what to do now. please can anyone help me some say its a prolapse and she is incontinant.
    Apart from that she look normal all around now swollen abdo as I have seen the photos of the chickens who are entrernal layers.

    Please help me and my chicken!!

    Many thanks
    Kelly and Jon

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