Poor deformed chick hatched today

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    I had several different eggs from different breeds hatching today while I was at work. Unfortunately one of the chicks hatched horribly deformed. Her body was fine but the head looked like it was half squashed with horrible crossbeak and only one eye. The eye that was missing was on the misshaped part of its head. It is fortunately resting in peace right now, but what causes such a thing. I believe it was either a welsummer or buttercup chick, not sure which as it was still very wet when it passed. Is this typical of any breed or could it be the result of inbreeding?
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    Oh, wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your chick but glad it is no longer suffering. Hope someone will have an answer for you.

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    There are dozens of possible explanations.

    I think it's a miracle that it even hatched, most that are deformed that severely don't make it past day 18 and die in the shell.

    If the majority of the eggs hatched, then it's most likely a genetic thing, perhaps even a chromosomal anomaly.

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