Poor girls vent


6 Years
Sep 5, 2013
Boise Idaho
My poor girl has had pasty butt since she hatched. She is two weeks now and it's extremely inflamed. She arches her back and chirps loudly when she poos. I feel so bad for her... What can I do? She doesn't look well.

None of the others peck at her vent. She does though after she goes poo.
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I'm so sorry for you. Look up some things on the Internet that you may can use, I guess. And maybe go to a Seed and Feed store or hardware store. I'm not sure but I'm so sorry this has happened :( do you have any more pictures?
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Clean her up good, PAT dry. Apply a lot of Vaseline to the vent area and feathers around it. It will help soothe it and keep poop off of her skin and feathers.
I agree with Melissa. This happened to one of my chicks - I just rinsed her little butt off, patted it dry and she was fine from then on. Vaseline is a good hint too.
Good Luck to you and your chick. :)

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