poor injured chickie....any hope for this little one?

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Jan 15, 2009
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My Coop
One of my Silkie hens sat on some eggs and hatched out a few chicks. I thought I had collected them all, and put them in the brooder. But then I went back to the Silkie pen and heard peeping and found this little chick literally stuck to the hen. I tried ever so gently to peel him off of her, I thought just his leg was glued to her, but it turns out there was more of him stuck to her. When I got him free, I saw that he had lost his skin on his leg & abdomen, I saw part of his liver in there. I immediately washed the wounds with warm Betadine & water, dried him & applied Neosporin. Then I wrapped him in gauze & Vetwrap. Do you think he will heal up & survive?






ETA: they are not Silkie chicks, they are Cochins.
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I think he could with the love and care and time you are giving him!!! <3 Dont give up!! I had a peachick that was attacked by a scrub jay, I never knew they were a threat or actually favored baby birds of all food sources....I heard him peeping behind the coop and saw the jay pinned on him....when I picked him up, I saw the hugest gash in his crop area....I could see inside and immediatley I began to break down in tears, but I applied neosporin and washed it and pinched the sides together....it had almost healed completely when a whole different freak accident (not his wound) killed my little peachick.... I think you can do it with the devotion you have given him <33 good job! I am really impressed and happy! and im sure the chick is too :]

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