Poor Maebelle

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    Jan 26, 2013
    Very upset about losing a hen. She was one of four that we got last spring. She was in the henhouse early last night, but it had started to snow so I thought maybe she was just getting out of the weather. When she didn't come out to eat this morning I checked on her, and she was still in the same position as the night before. We have had a real cold snap for the last week, they have all seemed fine. I covered her with a couple of towels and she seemed warm. When I came home from work about 4 hours later she was still alive, but her comb was drooping and pale, also an unusual smell hit me the minute I opened the house. I removed her and she had green diarrhea all over her underside. I was carrying her wrapped in the towels into the house to try and clean her up when she shuddered and died...a couple of weeks ago she attempted to roost alone on top of the henhouse instead of inside..I literally carried her and placed her in the henhouse. This happened two nights in a row but then she went to roost as usual. Could that strange behavior had anything to do with her death? She seemed fine earlier in the day yesterday...

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