Poor Mama Hen Was Shivering This Morning!

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  1. My poor mama hen (who is sitting on two eggs) was shivering this morning when I went to check on her. I put her under my heat lamp for a few minutes and then she stopped.

    I keep her small coop covered with a blanket to try and keep some of the cold out, but should I add a small heat lamp in the corner for her? I know that she's giving up her body heat for the eggs, so maybe this is just normal and I shouldn't worry about it...?

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    This is pretty surprising, esp. in Florida. I wonder if she has a prblem? Have you checked for mites / lice? They seem to be prone to them when setting on eggs. Use Sevin 5% garden dust on her and in the nest.

  3. No mites or lice...I have been doing a daily check on her to make sure. (My paranoia setting in, I guess.) [​IMG]

    I'll just assume she was cold because we had a chilly night last night. She usually sleeps under a heat lamp on cold evenings, but the nest she is sitting on is in a smaller coop (away from the light). I'll just give it a try this evening and see if the heat lamp helps her.
  4. I went home at lunchtime to check on her and she was still shivering a little bit. So, I took a 60W heat lamp and hooked it up in her coop. I put it far enough away from her so she wouldn't get too hot (it is actually on the opposite side of the coop from her nest).

    She settled in, and then I kept checking on her...she stopped shivering and I swore she was smiling at me. [​IMG]
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    I am near Jacksonville, FL and have 3 broodies right now with chicks. They are not shivering. I think something else must be going on with your hen. Is she eating and drinking well? Broodies will sometimes not eat or drink for long periods of times and drop too much weight. Checking for mites or lice is a good idea also. The heat will help her if she isn't feeling good just be careful of fires. If she is sick cold will stress her out even more. Can you put her and her eggs in a large carrier and bring her inside so you can watch her for awhile and make sure she is eating and drinking?

  6. She is eating and drinking. I already made sure of that. Thanks for the suggestion though. She seemed much better last night and this morning.

    Not only did I make sure the lamp was secure so it wouldn't fall, but I also put zip ties on the clamp. That sucker isn't moving. :)

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