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Feb 4, 2008
Venice, Florida
I have put Gypsy and her babies back in the tractor, but moved it so that it is where everyone else is. Because, a couple of the hens were being really ugly to Gypsy and bloodying her comb. Yesterday, Mammy got in the tractor with Gypsy to fight with her. I had to pull her out.

When can this little family join the main flock? I chose to give the little ones a little time to grow before joining the flock, thinking it would help them. They have been where visible to the others.

Is bloody combs normal in re-establishing the pecking order? Oh, and Gypsy is not a dominant hen. I was surprised when I brought her out of the tractor that she just nestled into my arms and closed her eyes like she really wanted some extra TLC. So I got to hold her for a good little bit and just pet her.


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Aug 25, 2008
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Oh that is really too bad - it sounds like that one bird has an issue with the other one for some reason. I wish I had advice. All the advice I received here worked perfectly for us.

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