Poor Smoky!!

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    My Blue Orp, Smoky, had been in the nest for hours. We decided to check under her, found an egg, so DH pulled her out. Then we discovered a huge open gash in Smoky's side. It ripped downward with Suede's spurs. Thank goodness it didnt seem infected, but it was deep and nasty-looking. We cleaned it out, packed it with antibiotic ointment, pulled up the skin and used just two stitches to hold it to the skin above. We taped a piece of gauze over it to soak up any drainage. Then we gave her a pen shot. She is in a crate now to heal. We checked Skye and now we know why her eggs are not fertile....she is NOT being mated! Her feathers are gorgeous. SO, since Dusty has been broody, Smoky has been the recipient of all the attention, poor girl. I'm going to make a point to check them more often now. I feel terrible for her, but she held really still for us to do what we had to do and that's not like her at all.
    She will get two or three more days of Pencillin shots, just to make sure and will stay separate from Suede till she is mostly healed. Suedster will get a big spur trim. Goes to show that it's a good idea to pick up your girls from time to time to check their sides for spur wounds.
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    Poor baby! I'm so sorry! Perhaps we should start sewing spur-cushions as well as aprons...
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    aaawwww poor girl. Poor Boy I know he did not mean to hurt her. [​IMG]
  4. mylilchix

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    Thank goodness you found her before it was too late. [​IMG] I hope she makes a quick recovery.

  5. crtrlovr

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    Speckledhen, when you trim Suede's spurs, what do you use, and how much do you trim off? Sarge (big RIR roo) has long spurs, and his "favorite girls" all have not only bare patches, but open wounds from his spurs. [​IMG] I've got saddles ready, but a trim would probably help a great deal.
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    Poor baby! Lookout Suede...here comes the dremmel!
  7. speckledhen

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    Gotta borrow the attachment from the neighbor. We don't have the cutting tool here. We cut to about 1/2-3/4 in and round it off. His are about two inches long now.
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    WOW hope your Smoky heals quickly. Your name should be Dr.Speckledhen chickenologist extrordinare. [​IMG]
  9. speckledhen

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    Dr.Speckledhen chickenologist extrordinare

    LOL, I'm not a vet, but I play one on BYC. [​IMG]
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    I'm so sorry for your poor hen. It sounds like you did a great job taking care of her though. We recently went through the exact same thing with our hen, Peaches. We thought she was broody at first, until we found the gash. Peaches is since healed up and back to business. Wishing your Smoky a quick recovery!

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