poorly girl


Jan 8, 2016
Hi. We are quite new to chickens and joined here last night. One of our chooks is lethargic and seems very puffed up. She is still eating though. She had a white poo substance near her vent. We have given her a warm bath and seperated her and brought her in from the cold. After looking unsuccessfully for oral calcium i bought some calcium tablets and crushed 2 up an mixed with water and fed to her with a pipette. She is still the same this morning. We suspect she is egg bound. Please could anyone give us some advice. Thanks.


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Apr 3, 2011
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Welcome to BYC. Can you put on a rubber glove, and feel an inch or so inside with one finger for a stuck egg? Place her inside a warm humid room such as a bathroom. How old is she? Has she lost any weight in her breast bone, or does she have any swelling in her lower belly? It may not be egg binding, so I would offer her some water with electrolytes and vitamins, and some egg along with her feed. How do her droppings look?

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