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  1. traceyinbrizzle

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    Nov 24, 2014
    Wondering if anyone can help. For the past 3 days, one of my backyard, free range hens has been showing very odd behaviour and is looking very ill.

    She's been going throughout the molt for about 2-3 weeks and feathers are starting to grow back in, but she's walking funny and likes to sit down a lot. It's peculiar because 30% of the time, she walks and stands normally...like when i walk out to the garden with food-she'll run to me normally with the other hens and doesn't look as though she's in pain- but the other 70% she is crouching low on her legs and sort of shuffling along as she walks. (Slight stumble sometimes) Then she'll just sit down. Then she'll shuffle along a couple more feet and sit again. She's NOT limping on one leg/ hopping and i've checked for bumble foot and can't see any sign of it. She does have scaly leg, which we've been trying to treat, but since she started moulting she no longer legs me pick her up and is very skittish- therefore i can only spray her legs when the go into the coop at night to roost, which is hard. Yesterday we went out and bought layers pellets with Flubenvet thinking that it could be worms? We're very worried about her. Any suggestions/ thoughts on what it could be?
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    I woujld keep an eye out for any further problems such as limping or stumbling, trying to balance with her wings. It could be just the molt, but I would get some poultry vitamins to add to their water in case of a deficiency.

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