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    Jan 17, 2010
    I know Im new and all..But I got a idea for a portable coop. Living in Vermont and around Lake Champlain, ice fishing is huge. I have gotten some coop ideas from fishing shantys. One thing I have seen alot this year that is popular in fishing shantys is using old pop-up campers. Basically, the top is removed and gutted and a wooden skeleton is constructed in place of the canvas and roof. The outcome is a portable solid shanty. You can find these old beat up pop-ups really cheap. Has anyone attempted to make a coop out of one of these?

  2. I've only had chickens for the last year so I'm a newbie but one thing I have discovered is...
    Chickens will live in just about anything, roost on just about anything, and lay eggs just about anywhere.
    To prevent predation, to make them cooler or keep them warmer or reduce humidity, to separate them for some reason, to make egg collection easier, to make coop cleaning easier, or to provide and waste less food and water, or to promote breeding or light to increase egg production...we make improvements and built 'better' structures.

    I pass a field on the way out of my rural area where there is a farmer that uses a camper tops as shelter for his calves.
    Terry in TN

    Correction...what he uses is those caps that go on pick up trucks.
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    Chickens are not really impressed with our carpentry skills...lol. I have seen trailers, fifth wheels, and campers all used to house chickens. Whatever works best for the chicken keeper, and best provides the needs for the chickens. Some can't afford the lavishness some of us go to for our birds. So it's and individual endeavour. Good luck and enjoy your flock.
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    The biggest issues I think you will have are ventilation and cleaning poop. When you make your modifications keep these 2 things in mind and I think you will have an ok solution.
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    Jun 19, 2009
    Northern Michigan
    Its creative and recycleing
    Its a great idea.

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