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    ForestHorde is a horde of mice that lives in the Dimwood Region.

    (Note: this RP is based off of the Poppy series. This is taking place long after the latest book in the series was released. Things will make a little more sense if you read it, but it is not necessary to read it before you RP.)

    1 week is a month in ForestHorde time. This information should be used to see how old your mouse is, etc.

    *All BYC rules apply.
    *Use your common sense. If you think a post might offend someone, don’t post it! If you have something private, send it in a PM where the world can’t see it!
    *Don’t RP someone else’s mouse unless they specifically give you permission. If you want to RP someone else’s character, ask them in a PM.
    *Keep private stuff private. What is sent over a PM is no one else’s business besides the sender and the receiver’s. If something needs to be kept private, see rule #2.
    *Don’t flood the thread. This means do not post immediately after someone RPs with you. Wait at least a few minutes before you reply. It isn’t logical to post as if something really bad will happen if you don’t post within the next 10 seconds!
    *No heated arguments, rudeness, or any of that. This is exactly what runs people off from the RPs.
    *No dirty language. Cr*p is acceptable, but not if it is being used to be rude or to harass another mouse. OMG, and all of that stuff is not to be used either. And, of course, absolutely no extreme obscenities. You know what I’m talking about.
    *Please don’t join and then poof without giving me a valid reason. Mice inactive for over 2 weeks will be removed. Now, if an emergency happened, just PM me as soon as you can and I’ll be more than happy to put your mouse back on the list.
    *If you’ve been snap-trapped or poisoned, that’s it for you. Your mouse is dead (unless another mouse retrieves a specific antidote if you’ve been poisoned). You will need to create a new mouse and start afresh.
    *All pinkies after a litter will automatically be up for adoption unless the mother posts otherwise. If a mouse is up for adoption that means that anyone can grab it and RP with it.
    *Litter scenes are not allowed under any circumstances. You should know what I’m talking about.
    *A pinkie cannot have a litter, and an adult cannot just go up and attack a pinkie. Rule 2.

    Fighting Rules
    *Be realistic. A pinkie cannot kill an adult within a single blow, and an adult cannot kill a hawk with a few bites. If I catch any of this behavior, I’m going to break up the fight.
    *Whenever you interact combatively with another mouse, ALWAYS ask the other member if you can fight or kill their mouse.
    *You cannot instantly recover out of the blue. If you’ve been seriously injured, yet you want to keep your mouse alive, it is going to take a few months to recover sufficiently.
    *If someone attacks you, you’ve been wounded, regardless if it’s a pinkie or an adult rat!
    *Never, ever create “sock puppets,” new mice or other animals as an ally, particularly in battle. If another mouse comes up to help you, that’s another story. Wild predators such as owls and foxes are strictly against the rules. If I catch anyone doing this, I am going to remove both your sock puppet AND your mouse.
    *No force-fighting. *Bites Pine* is okay, but not *Bites Pine and breaks her leg*. Is that clear?
    *Keep it PG-13 at the most. No, I didn’t say R. No extremely gory posts or any of that. If you’re about to do something that’s PG-13, note it in the top of the post.

    If anyone is breaking any rules, PM me with the username, post number, and the page it is on. If you are breaking a rule, I will warn you with a PM first. If you break that rule again, you are temporarily suspended. If you break it a 3rd time, you will be permanently banned.

    Sign up for ForestHorde

    The Form below must be PMed to me, Polishsilkies45 before you can RP any mouse. NOTE: Your mouse’s name must be related to a fruit, tree, plant, or a flower. No Sunshine, FanDance, or Moonshine, only Palm, Redwood, or Sunflower are allowed. Scientific (Latin), families, and genus names are preferable, but are up to you.
    Mouse Name:
    Age: (must be adult, juvenile, or pinkie)
    Breed: (Fancy, Deer, etc.)
    Appearance: (ex. White with black splash on underside)
    Where does your mouse live: (ex. New House)
    Rank: (Warrior, Pinkie, etc.)


    Dimwood Forest- Dimwood, the beautiful, as it is often called, is the home to hundreds of trees, and creatures of all sorts. The few beams of sunlight that barely shine through stroke your fur as a warm breeze splashes against your face. You begin to feel true peace. But beware; Dimwood also has quite the dark side: it is the home to many owls and foxes! Be vigilant, and don’t let those peaceful moments sway you away from alertness!

    Old House- The central home where a different horde of mice lived, before Mr. Ocax was killed long ago. Food is very limited here, so few mice dwell here, but this is where meetings and horde gatherings are taken place. Should a red flag on the edge of the roof ever be seen, you are urged to show up as soon as possible.

    Corn Field- To the far east of Old House, down the dirt road, is the corn field. This is the primary source of food for ForestHorde, but all mice must be careful as corn snakes live here as well.

    New House- This was the new home for the horde that came before, as it is called, after Mr. Ocax was killed. Food is plentiful here, thus most of ForestHorde lives here, but beware: the infestation of mice has motivated the family to place mouse traps! Be wary of nice smelling blocks and pellets, wooden planks with some peanut butter in the center, tunnels that weren’t in that location before, and cages that have food inside! They are most likely traps!

    Creek- This creek runs cleanly along Bannock Hill and Dimwood Forest. A bridge runs across it next to Mr. Ocax’s old watching tree, making it much easier to cross. The creek is the primary source of water for ForestHorde. The bank is a hazard, as it is very slippery and the strong currents may result in drowning.

    Bannock Hill- South of Dimwood Forest and the creek. A hazelnut tree is growing there, at the very center. At midnight, the moonlight shines down on Bannock Hill and becomes quite the sight. Bannock Hill is sometimes noted to be a dangerous place, as it is near the marsh.

    Tar Road- The road near the creek, around Bannock Hill that leads to New House. It is said to be dangerous to walk west down the Tar Road beyond Bannock Hill.

    Marsh- East of Bannock Hill is the marsh. Few mice venture out there due to the high predator population, however it is plentiful in medicinal herbs for illnesses and antidotes for poison.

    Time it takes to travel in the Dimwood Region:
    (Note: This is from the New House perspective. Traveling in other perspectives may vary.)
    Old Barn- 3 hours (30 minutes actual time)
    Corn Field- 30 minutes (3-5 minutes actual time)
    Dimwood Forest- 8-11 hours (2-4 hours actual time)
    Bannock Hill- 1-1/2 day (14-16 hours actual time)
    Bannock Hill (travel by Tar Road)- 18-21 hours (13-15 hours actual time)
    Marsh- 6-8 hours (3- 4 hours actual time)
    Tar Road (nearest point)- 10 minutes (1-3 minutes actual time)
    Tar Road (farthest known point)- 1 ½- 2 days (16-21 hours actual time)

    Mice in Poppy Horde:


    Lilac is a young fancy mouse. She was originally kept in captivity, before the owners grew tired of caring for her and dumping her in the Dimwood Region. After a while, she grew tired of being a loner and formed a small horde of mice, which is how ForestHorde was founded and became what it is today. She is a pure black mouse with a small rosette of white on her abdomen. She can be rather rough at first, but once she gets to know you, her true kindness will shine through. She lives alone in a log atop Bannock Hill. (PolishSilkies45)


    Myrtle is a juvenile female fancy mouse. She lives around the creek, but travels around the Dimwood region a lot. She is bubbly and likes kind mice, traveling, exploring and corn. She dislikes cherries and bullies. She is black and brown with white on underside. She tends to travel at night.

    Medicine mouse:

    Oakleaf is a young deer mouse that lives at New House. He was born as a pinkie in ForestHorde. He was once poisoned by the farmer, but a friend that had retrieved some herbs the night before saved him before the poison had much effect. He kept the herbs by himself in secret in case any other mouse needed any as he learned about the herbs and their effects . Since then, his knowledge about the herbs has earned him the title of medicine mouse. He is very kind and polite, particularly to new mice. He is an average brown deer mouse. (PolishSilkies45)


    Pine is a large gray rat living at New House. She has a very short temper and is distrusting, particularly to new mice. She believes that she is superior to everyone besides the leader and the deputy, solely because of her size. She is also infamous for being condescending and dramatic. She is an excellent fighter. She is also the only rat in ForestHorde. (PolishSilkies45)

    EmberToe is an adult female fancy mouse. She is sweet, kind hearted, good, friendly, trustworthy, and loyal. She likes wild berries, acorns, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and poppy seeds. She dislikes droppings of any sort, cats, dogs, two leggeds, cows, raccoons, predators, most male mice, and leaves. Her main coat color is black, white splash spots, and orange socks. She also has a pitch black silky tail, her toes are soft like the meadow grass, her ears are big, and her eyes are an unusual bright blue. She lives at the creek. (pekinduck<3er)

    Aspen is an adult male woodmouse. He is quiet and sneaky, only likes to be accompanied by one or two mice at a time because of his fear of being hunted down by predators. He likes to run around and be free, having a friend or two at his side. He dislikes rats, predators of any sort, extreme heat, slugs, and any annoying mice. His body is a rusty brown and his underside is white. His ears are very big, his eyes are full of soul, and can easily be identified by his split tail. He lives at Bannock Hill. (Zinnia-Hen)


    Everly is a juvenile female deer mouse. She is slightly shy at first, but very outgoing once you know her. VERY modest, but not enough to hide her fighting skills when they're in need. She likes exploring, making things, and friendly mice, and dislikes snobs, mean mice, staying in once place, and owls. She is a tan/caramel color with small white splotches that resemble dapples on a fawn. They help her blend in from predators. She currently does not live at New House, or any place for that matter.


    Maple is a mother of 11 pinkies. She is a caramel colored fancy mouse. She cares for her pinkies well, despite living at Old House. She is very friendly to her pups and pinkies, but is very wary of other mice at first sight. But do not think that she does not like you; this is only because she wants to keep her pinkies safe. (PolishSilkies45)


    Deceased: (PM me if your mouse has died)
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    Lilac sighed contently. "I guess I'll just head back to Bannock Hill"
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    Aargh I knew this would happen. Maybe I should just switch it to a cat RP or something.
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    Mouse Name: Evergreen, but everyone calls her Everly.
    Gender: Female
    Age: (must be adult, juvenile, or pinkie) Juvenile
    Personality: Slightly shy at first, but very outgoing once you know her. VERY modest, but not enough to hide her fighting skills when they're in need.
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes; exploring, making things, friendly mice. Dislikes; snobs, mean mice, staying in once place, owls
    Breed: (Fancy, Deer, etc.) Deer? Wait.. I'm gonna have to change this; I've gotta look at all of them. [​IMG]
    Appearance: (ex. White with black splash on underside) A tan/caramel color with small white splotches that resemble dapples on a fawn. They help her blend in.
    Where does your mouse live: (ex. New House) She's currently homeless. [​IMG]
    Rank: (Warrior, Pinkie, etc.) Apprentice. (Can she have a person right away? ^^)

    [​IMG] I've gotta finish filling this out in a sec. [​IMG]
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    Mouse Name: Myrtle (After Crete Myrtle, a tree)
    Gender: Female
    Age: juvenile
    Personality: Bubbly, loves to be around kind mice
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes nice mice, traveling, exploring and corn, dislikes cherries and bullies
    Breed: Fancy
    Appearance: Black and Brown with White on underside, she explores a lot at night
    Where does your mouse live: Creek, but travels around a lot
    Rank: Leader
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    What does RP stand for? [​IMG]
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    Righttt [​IMG]

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    Everly scampered throughout he brush, looking for someone to talk to.

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