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    Just when I thought I had all the colors I wanted, I thought of porcelain. I was disappointed to read you need the millie patern. Im fresh out of millie. But I thought I read in all the mess, that you need millie for the mottling. What if I already have a mottled bird? Do I still need to have a millie bird? I thought of breeding my black and white mottled Araucana hen to my lavender Ameraucana, just for fun. What will that give me?
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    Did you have a millie Ameraucana at one time? I have never seen or heard of them.

    I have no knowledge of genetics so cannot help you other than a bump, but I would be interested to hear what it would take.
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    Mottled crossed to lavender will give you black split for mottling and split for lavender on first generation. Second generation you will start to see some lavender mottled, but not porcelain.
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    F1 offspring would be black, and you would need to breed offspring to each other to see both traits in the same bird. Even then, you would have lavender mottleds, not porcelain.

    I mean, what she said!
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    Can speckled replace mille? I don't understand the differences between the two patterns. They seem nearly identical to me.
  6. Here is the thread for the D'Uccle color genetics discussion.
    Porcelain and how to make it. It is a long and laborius project that originally will produce a small quantity percentage wise until you have enough to start breading back to one anouther.

    Have fun.


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