Porcelain Cochin project trio F1 (looks MFC) ~take over my project~

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Porcelain Cochin project trio F1 (looks MFC)

~Please read everything~I am giving up on my project to try and create Porcelain Cochin bantams. I used a Mille Fleur Rooster on a Lavender hen and got many colors: black, black mottled, red, beautiful multi-colored (columbian?), and some that look like the Mille Fleur cochins. I asked a genetics expert who I should breed from these to get Porcelains in the F2 offspring. She said to pick out the best Mille Fleur looking ones and breed them together, so I saved this trio for next Spring. Now I have too many birds, and am overwhelmed, thus giving up the project and offering the project to someone else. There is a good chance you may get a few Porcelain cochins if you hatch out a lot of chicks. I would like to know the results if you want to take on this project and continue my work. These are 3 months old, 2 hens, 1 roo, healthy & clean, parasite free. 2 of them got picked on by bullies in their pen, had their tails chewed up, but will heal up nicely. NPIP #51-370. Shipping goes by weight & zip code. Email me w/zip code for shipping quote. $10 new box fee. Thanks for considering my auction. Instant Paypal due at auction end. They will be shipped in Sept. when the weather cools down.Thanks for looking and please visit our website. Sorry, no shipping to VA.

Payment Details
Payment due at auction end, Paypal only (no eChecks). I can take credit cards on Paypal. My PP address is: [email protected].

Shipping Details
Shipping will be in Sept. when it cools down. I charge actual shipping by weight & zip code. Email for cost. $10 box fee.




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