porcelain d'uccle roo...

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    Jun 18, 2008
    i am going to have to go outside today and get a pic of my porcelain d'uccle roo trying to "fight" me. i thought porcelains were nown to be sweet? oh well i dont care he is like the tinniest roo out there so maybe i should let him have me to pic on?... of corse if it gets out of hand i will put a stop to it but he has no spurs and never will, and he cant even peck he is so tiny!
    he tries to "mate" with the bigger girls and all he can reach is there back (closest to there butts) and he can never get on them because he cant even peck hard enough to do the job! the bigger girls dont mind they dont squeal or peck at him when he does this, he IS trying to be fertile which i am surprised about, but he wont mate with the porcelain hen that is smaller than him!? or maybe he is but i just never see him.. WOW I AM CONFUSED?!
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    A rooster is a rooster, they just come in different sized packages and each bird can have a different sized ego. Looks like the little guy has a huge one so treat him like a standard.

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