Porcelain d'uccle Rooster for sale, Portland, OR to Tacoma trade?

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  1. Very cute, hatched this summer. Selling because I do not need two roos for my ONE hen!

    Will trade for a porcelain hen or pullet. Or a Mille fleur pullet or hen...


    Rare Feathers Farm
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  2. Here's another picture.
  3. I should I'd add that I'm looking for a mille fleur or two...
  4. I've been watching this beauty from afar...hoping I could stop by when I go to see my first grandchild in Dec...but its looking like I may not be able to travel:( Its a wonder no one has grabbed him! If I lived where I could drive to go to where ever, that's exactly what I'd do but the Big Bering Sea prevents me from many of those adventures;)
  5. I wonder if he's shippable? [​IMG]
  6. Probably run at least $100.00 one way, not counting any health certificate and office visit fee...it would be better to do pick up and hand carry;)
  7. That's true! [​IMG]

    Still available....
  8. Argghh! Some people! So this guy emails me & says he wants him. Asks me if I'll trade him for a pair of young Milles. I agree. So I capture the roo and drive him 8+ hours to Portland. I get an email about 5 minutes ago that the guy decided that he cannot trade for him. So I emailed him back and asked if he still wanted to buy the roo and he had the cajones to tell me no--that he was hoping I'd let him have him for free! [​IMG]

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