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So I asked this in the Lavender thread but thought I should make it it's own topic....

I have a buff split to lavender silkie chick and would like to use it when it is older to breed for Porcelain Isabel colored babies. My question is..who should I breed it to? Should it be paired with a Lavender?

What would the results be of:

PI x PI =
PI x Lav=
PI x Buff Lav Split=
Buff lav split v buff lax split=
Buff x PI=

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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That's a tough question I think only Sonoran Silkies can answer.

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Certainly there are those that are more knowledgeable on this subject than I, but I have asked this question of someone who is breeding porcelains. The answer was that you breed back and forth between colors until you get the dilution you are looking for. That is pretty vague, I know.

I had 3 porcelain chicks that I hatched from eggs out of a porcelain pen. I believe the parents were both porcelain. The chicks were buffish with chipmunk stripes but by the time they were 4 months old they were a darkish lavender with just a hint of buff at the tips of their crests and a few other places. I sent pics of them to this friend who is breeding them and she said to breed the pullets to a buff roo and the cockerel to buff hens.

I don't believe there is a formula for breeding a mixed color...it's a matter of dilution. And from my experience, you really can't tell anything about their eventual coloration when they are chicks.
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Jan 9, 2009
There is no standard for the Porcelain silkie. Therefore the ideal has not been seen. The color has not been bred for multi gens like the other colors so breeders are still working on getting the ideal true breeding strain of Porcelain. Very few breeders have bred them more than 2 gens, so they are still in the working production stage, unlike the Lavender which has been bred for many years. ie they are still a work in progress.


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Jun 18, 2009
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Rilly10, what are you breeding for? What colors do you have to work with? I am apparently on the same track as you because we're asking the same questions! HA!

I have recently purchased a trio of Porcelains but they are mostly dark, not a lot of buff. Oldtimegator hatched them and they are just beautiful, typey and loaded with potential. I plan to breed them to buffs to lighten the offspring. I also have 2 black/split lavender juveniles and 1 grey/split lavender juvy. Don't know the sexes yet but I'd bet roos at this point. I want to breed lavenders from them.
Then I'll use the lavenders to breed back to the porcelains. At least that's today's plan....subject to change without notice, HA!

I also want to know the basic formula for porcelains so I can pair them up properly the first time. I'm over 50....I don't have 20 years to work on this! HAHAHAHAAHAHA!


Clover Field Farm
9 Years
May 18, 2010
Pottstown, PA
Thanks April! That helps a lot. My simple mind was thinking it was just a matter of one or two genes and not as complicated. This makes much more sense!

Featherbaby- I have a lav pair, a split black hen, a buff chick, a buff split lav chick, and more lav/splits on the way. Also HOPEFULLY a lav showgirl cockeral coming soon! I am hpoing to have a Lav pen and I was wondering if my buff and buff split lav chick could be useful in a porcelain pen. The PI color is beautiful and I wouldn't mind a few someday to spoil and drool over! I still have A LOT of learning to do though!


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Great questions. I just bought show potential buff silkies and a gorgeous lil' lavender silkie this weekend from Baregretchen and Ultra1classic. Gretchen said the buffs are from Sassy Silkies. I have 2 lav splits and a few buffs in the bator from Catdance (3 more days
). I wasn't even made aware of the porcelain cross until after I bought them...perfect! The lav is only a week old, so we have a while before finding out the sex and then possibly breeding them. I'm eating up all the info I can. Does anyone have pics of the cross? I'd love to see them!

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