Porcelain silkie hen eggs and Red Brown Partridge Silkie hen eggs (AUCTION )

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    I have a Porcelain Silkie rooster over two of my Silkie hens. One is Porcelain and the other is Partridge... For sale 6 + eggs. Bidding will start at: $ 10.00 Additional bids will be in increasing $1 increment. Shipping is included: Please don't PM just reply to the add please [​IMG][​IMG] ..
    I like to ship on a Monday or a Tuesday morning and I will have a delivery confirmation number also...
    I do accept pay pal.... or checks...

    Cannot help how the post office handles the eggs once they leave. I ship priority . I also wrap the eggs in bubble wrap so that they are safe and sound. I make sure that the eggs are secure before I ship them out so they don't flip everywhere or get broken... Cannot guarantee fertility rates but I know the rooster is doing his job...
    here are some pictures of them . The rooster you seen in the top photo is my Porcelain silkie rooster Rick...

    [​IMG]evie my Porcelain silkie hen.
    [​IMG] Chocolate Chip my red brown partridge silkie hen.... Both are a year old...
    Evie lays the lighter colored egg and Chocolate chip lays the darker creamed colored egg... So I know which eggs come from what hen...

    My paypal is [email protected]
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