Porcelain silkie roo x Black ,splash & lav split silkie hens

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    What happens when you breed a porcelain silkie roo to black, Lav split & splash silkie hens ???
    Will any of these crosses give me more porcelain or maybe lavender ???

    Any info is greatly appreciated [​IMG]
  2. tadkerson

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    Jul 19, 2008
    Quote:Pictures would help- but this is the best I can do.

    Porcelain X black = basically a black bird and carries lavender

    Porcelain X heterozygous (split) lavender= phenotype with no lavender and a lavender phenotype ( I put phenotype because all I now is that the split bird carries lavender-not enough information to make a prediction).

    Porcelain x splash= basically a blue bird and carries lavender

    These crosses will not produce porcelain but will produce a kind of lavender.

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  3. rilly10

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    I have seen porcelain to splashes and they look like splashes with leakage. Other than to other porcelains, I only cross to lavs. You could also cross to buffs split to lav. Porcelains are still a work in progress with silkies though and it seems that everyone has their own formulas.

    Mine originated like this:
    Buff x Lav - 1st generation
    Buff split x Lav -2nd generation

    That gave me my porcelains but they did vary in color... some had more buff than lav and visa versa. I took the ones that showed more buff than I wanted and bred them back to a lav, and bred the ones I was happy with together for my 3rd generation.

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