Porcelain Silkies Bad News


10 Years
Mar 8, 2009
Southern Illinois
I am soooo upset.

I've contacted George Several times this year and he kept telling me that he wasn't selling yet because they were young. And to contact him again in Oct. He knew I wanted some.

Well I contacted him today. And guess what. He said he sold everything. And to contact him next year at this time.


I am so hurt. I saved over $500 for these stinken birds. I've been on his list for months. And he said that he had tons and that I should get first pick because I've reserved them months ahead.

Sorry folks. That means no Porcelain Silkie eggs in the spring.

Does anyone know any other breeders that have this color? I was so looking forward to these beautiful birds. I even build them a breeder coop.

Wah. I'm sorry to whine and have a pity party. I'm just so sad.
Doesn't Sonoran Silkies raise the Porcelain?? Just a thought, maybe she will pop on and save the day:)

Sorry to hear you didn't get your birds, that really stinks especially when you have your heart set on something.

Take care,
I'm looking for other breeders out there. But so far there isn't many.

Well I guess I have all this money now to buy other birds.

Shari are you going to be selling any Splash Silkies this year?
I will try. I've contacted HIHO silkies because I've seen they have Porcelains.

Can't find anyone else.

If I can't find Porcelains I at least need to find some nice splash. I got a loverly hen who needs some friends.
Look up fowlrus. I saw her Ebay photos of Silkie's, and emailed her about the possibility of hers looking suspiciously porcelain. She said that she has an identical rooster! I doubt if she's selling them, but I'll bet she's got 'em in a breeding pen!

The hen's in her avatar!
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