porridge-what does everyones chickens think of it?

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    have just finished slightly editing a video had taken of the young cochins of mine today.
    porridge has been discussed on here a lot lately but many users still dont know just how much chucks can go absolutely insane for it.
    so had decided to film the cochins as theyre the only flock who are super addicted,the maran and light sussex flock will get very vocal when realising its coming but not to the point of throwing themselves at the sides of their run; screaming to get close to their beloved-eg,cochins style.:lol:
    our seven year old henny clears her bowl of it to.

    here is the video-

    they prefer theirs warm,mixed with sultanas,some swiss muesli,dried meal worms,grass cut up with sissors [they arent allowed out of their coops and runs at all at ours since a rule was brought in by a chicken hating manager and its understatement to say am fed up with it and the corrupting so adding some cut up grass to their slop is at least one way of getting access to the grass,they are not even allowed out to touch the grass at all as she has a thing about chicken poo,but had told her to f off about that one].

    does anone else have chucks as obsessive as mine for porridge and what porridge combinations does everyone do?
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    Cute chickies you've got there. Your chickens must be a little more upscale than mine since I wouldn't feed mine good sultanas unless they happened to be in burnt oats.

    Mine love "porridge," too. This morning's fare included:

    Stuff stuck to bottom of pan from last night's dinner
    Three old cornflour tortillas (torn up) that had been in the freezer for a mysteriously long time
    Roots and very tops of a few green onions (scallions)
    Tops/seeds from a couple of bell peppers
    Loose herbal tea dregs (mint, nettle, blessed thistle)
    Very tiny bit of top of 3 garlic cloves.

    All cooked up in said pan with a little water to loosen the stuff stuck to the bottom of the pan. It was a little too wet, so I sprinkled a little layer feed over the top of it as I served it. (They say never feed onions or garlic to chickens as it will flavor the eggs, but I've not noticed yet.)

    I have to toss sunflower seeds off in a separate direction to be able to serve porridge or I fear I'll be knocked over, hit my head, pass out, and be eaten myself.
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    Jun 24, 2012
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    Dec 11, 2011

    My chickens also love oatmeal. I usually save it for very chilly days. I haven't mixed anything with it as they love it plain. (Unless, it's left over from our breakfast). I've just started feeding fermented feeds and they are quite happy with it. I have 25 chickens and 2 turkeys. Feeding dry has been extremely expensive. I've been looking for ideas to cut the cost of feeding. I'm also starting to sprout treats for the girls as winter is coming.

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