Portable cage/carrier for chicks?

I am looking for a decent portable cage/carrier with enough space for up to four chicks and one 10"x10" heating plate. The eggs have just survived the end of Week 2; hatch day is expected to be August 17. I plan to bring the chicks to work for the first 6 weeks. Any recommendations, concerns?

I am thinking that a portable plastic dog kennel carrier would be an easy solution. Just make sure you buy one big enough to house them on week 6 when they need more room.
Oops, hatch day is expected to be August 23, not August 17.

I do work in an office. Maybe the smell and dust will convince my boss to let me work from home? :)

I found an old transparent tote to use for the first couple of weeks. I may end up building something from plexiglass. Are dimensions 2ft x 2ft x 2ft sufficient for four chicks?

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