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    Apr 10, 2012
    I had an existing 48' by 24' run with 4 fruit trees with my 10 hens, I bought some more chicks and intend to build a portable setting to let them have more access to green grass.

    I intend to build 4 5' by 10' PVC panel with poultry netting, and move the fence maybe twice a week. Does anyone with exeprience of PVC frame portable fence? My main concern is to keep the chicken in, I have not experienced any predator problem since I started chicken 1 year ago.

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    Not sure how your are wanting to use your portable pen but your chicks will probably need to stay protected inside and warm until they are at least 6 or 7 weeks old. An area with a brooding lamp and access to chick feed and water. I suppose you could have them outside in the grass for short periods if it is warm and they are supervised. A pvc playpen or tractor would be lightweight and fairly strong but it would need a cover for shading and also a closed-in area for the birds to get out of any rain or bad weather. We have winds that will blow over metal park benches and metal lawn furniture across the yard! A pvc pen would need some type of conc blocks or weights at the corners or temp ground stakes to keep it from moving at times of high winds. Attaching hardwarecloth or fencing to pvc may be a pain but it can be done. Anything movable will have the weakness of predators being able to dig under the edges (unless it has a full wire floor).
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    You might consider using wood rather than pvc. I actually made my brooder pens out of 2x4s cut in half long ways so that I have 2 eight foot pieces and 2 4 ft pieces. I built that into a frame and then attached hardware cloth. I have many of these panels so that I can have 8x4 or 4x4 or 8x8 pens. I attach the sides to make a square using wire. It has worked out really well for my brooding. there is no lid however.

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