Portland, OR: 2 Female Cayuga Ducks


Sep 10, 2019
Arbor Lodge neighborhood - Portland, Oregon : We are looking to re-home two very sweet female Cayuga ducks - Nessie and Wednesday. They are 12 weeks old and toward the end of a molt, but starting to get their beautiful adult feathers. They are friendly and will eat out of your hand and may even climb onto a lap for treats. They should be good egg layers. Of our ducks, these 2 have ended up being louder than anticipated and tend to quack at us in the morning whenever we open the front door. This may not be too loud for other backyard situations where the yard isn't a corner lot as they tend to be quiet otherwise. They have been well cared for and have been raised on McGeary Virtuous Organic Duck Starter and are currently on Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance and free range in the yard. Looking for a loving duck-knowledgeable home.


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