Portland Oregon - how do you deal with the smell?


6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
We are contemplating getting 2-3 hens but everything I read in the threads leads me to believe that the smell of the chickens gets bad when things are wet. In the Pacific Northwest there are only varying degrees of wet for most of the year. What do all of you in rainy areas do to keep the smell at bay or is that pretty much impossible?
When my chicken are secure in their coop, I use disinfecting spray, usually non-scented because I don't want my hens to get agitated with the scent. If you do do this, just make sure your chickens aren't near when you spray anything.
If you use sand in the coop and scoop with kitty litter scoop daily it is fine. OK that is the mostly dry area. Now for the run. If you do a covered run and also do sand in the run, scooping it as well, keeping most of the rain out, you would be in fine shape. If you are like me though and have a large pen with grass and some muddy areas there is an odor near the coop where all the mud is (I pour some sand on those areas as well but the odor is still there).

If you intend to keep the sand from washing away you need some kind of border around the edge. You may want to see the "Got sand you should" thread.
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We are also using sand and cleaning each morning. I use a metal kitty scoop or a hardware cloth-covered manure bedding fork with a longer handle depending on my mood. The sand keeps their feet clean, too.

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