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    May 18, 2011
    I have been fine tuning my incubation skills and now I would like to add some new breeds to my farm, I'm not a big fan of shipped eggs and much prefer buying eggs direct from breeder and getting to know new chicken friends in my area, I am in Portland OR, and was wondering if anybody breeds any of the following: Polish, Showgirl, Sebright (black and white ), Sultan.

    These are such beautiful birds and i would love to have some of them around on the farm. I am big into incubating so I would like to see if anybody in the area would be available to sell me some of these eggs. Also just to throw it our there, I have been after some White Peacock eggs also for some time, get back to me if you are willing to sell any of the previously mentioned specimens,

    Thanks and happy hatching, Oliver

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