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Jan 12, 2019
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There are so many fun contests on BYC and most of them require a photo from you in order to participate. Some of these contests require a specific photo orientation to qualify.


Most of us know that by simply rotating your phone or camera that the photo will be vertical or horizontal but in the contest rules it may request “Portrait” or “Landscape”. This is a quick explanation of the differences so that you can make sure your photo always qualifies!

The term landscape is used in relation to an image that is wider than taller. In other words, it is an image that is captured in a horizontal layout.

On the other hand, a portrait refers to an image that is taller than it is wide. This means that it is shot in a vertical layout.


If the photo you would like to submit isn’t the correct orientation, don’t forget that you can often crop your image too!

For more tips and tricks check out jolenesdad’s thread on
How To Take Better Photos Of Your Chickens


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Great info @CluckNDoodle!

I would also add a reminder to anyone submitting photos for a contest that goes to printing, (ie a calendar contest!) that when you crop a photo, you are taking away some ability to enlarge the photo. If your full resolution photo could be printed at 6x12 inches and you crop it in half, your maximum print is now 3x6 inches...

this is just an example and many photos these days are such high resolution they can hand or a bit of cropping, but you need to be a little careful when starting to crop a lot of the picture out.

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