posable head trauma / holding head upside down help!

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    Nov 11, 2007
    ive been taking care of emo the blake polish female chicken for 3 days now. no sign of improvment. ive been crop feeding it because it head is being held upside down. the vet said not to try to correct this as its brain at the moment thinks this is the way the world is suposed to be. it cant focus on one spot and its eyes look like its watching imaginary cars. im going to take theadvice you people gave me and see if i can find this drug/....(i work at a vets as a vet asistant...)
    but does anyone know how long i should put my poor chicken through the dizzyness and obviously uncomfortable head possition beffor i should consider having it put down at my vets?.... please let me know im willing to try to save it but only if its in the best intrest of the animal.
    sigh,,very sad:(
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    Jan 11, 2007
    There are many who have had to go thru this with their silkie/polish... gently cupping the head with massage (not forcing anything mind you ) is also helpful... please start immediately because the longer you leave it the less chance of a full recovery ... the Vit E and selenium comibnation (do not exceed 50 MICROgrams selenium) is crucial (you can find this at walmart or agway>just prick it open and give in beak once a day) and the B vitamins also as outlined in Alans article. You may not see immediate relief of the neck symptoms as you have waited a bit but keep her on the therapy at least three weeks before making any decision. Judy McKinn (byc member here) had a bird that was really bad and it recovered and you can ask her about her experience with it.
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