Positive LG Story with PICS


9 Years
Dec 20, 2011
Dinwiddie, VA
On December 21 we set 36 Black star eggs and 5 blue splash maran eggs in the Little Giant still air incubator with the turner. The eggs came from a local farm and this was our first time trying to hatch eggs. We had heard so many bad things about the LG but the price was right with us being newbies. The temp stayed stable at about 100-101 at the top of the eggs and the humidity 40-45%. I candled like crazy every night at least 2 or 3 eggs. We lost one to my husband dropping it (didn’t know to wax it), one infertile, another developed a blood ring, and one quit about day 6. So 37 went in to lockdown. We had a temp spike to 106 for a possible few hours thanks to the cats hearing internal peeps and laying on and blocking the air holes. 35 of the 37 hatched, the 2 that did not hatch had quit before lockdown. We had 16 black star roosters (3 died sometime day 1) and 15 hens and 4 marans that hatched. This was such a great hatch rate I had to share my story.




Good job and such a rare thing in a still air and with all of the candling that went on, I think it's miraculous you got that many!


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